A Powerful Mage and Stunning Cosplay: Morrigan from Dragon Age

Morrigan is a powerful mage and shapeshifter from the fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins. Morrigan comes from a family of sorcerers, each known as a Witch of the Wilds. She is companion to the playable character known as the Warden. Her independence and desire for power gives Morrigan the belief of survival of the fittest above all else.


The Warden is a character chosen by the player and whose story depends on their specific race, class, and origin story. Throughout the game, the Warden is joined by various companions, including Morrigan, who follow on your journey and aid in your quests. Many companions can join and chose to leave your party, allowing the game-play to vary greatly depending on your choices.


Cosmic Moo stands out as an independent and powerful woman, so its no wonder that she cosplays an amazing Morrigan. Her beautiful costume construction, the natural setting, and her determined and stunning features make for some amazing photographs.





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 Written by Guest Contributor: Caeron