Pre-Order The Xbox One Version Of Doom, Get The First And Second Games For Free

Yep, you read that headline correctly. In news that will surely please many an Xbox One owner, for a limited time, pre-ordering the Xbox One version of the upcoming Doom will net you both the original game that started it all and its equally awesome sequel.

As initially reported by Game Informer, it was revealed that buying the Xbox One version of Doom as part of a bundle would net you not only codes for the first two games, but also an exclusive Demon Multiplayer Pack. This pack comes with one unique set of Demon Armor, six Hack Modules, and more, with a full listing of what’s included can be found here. Now it should be emphasized right now that while you will be getting Doom 1 2, this does not mean that the games are getting re-releases on the Xbox One. Rather they’re codes for the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade releases of the games, as part of Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program.

Still, for fans of the beloved first person shooter series, this is still a pretty incredible deal that no Xbox One owning fan should miss out on. Doom will release on May 13th of 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.








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