Prison Architect Gets New Trailer

Prison Architect has proven itself to be a highly addictive simulation game, having been on early access for a while on Steam. The game is finally out as a full polished release, which is unusual in this world of perpetual early access in games. With a number of new features and bug fixes, the game is a solid piece of simulation fun that tasks players with managing a maximum security prison, and all the chaos that can bring with it.

Developed by Introversion Software, the title takes its roots from other games such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and Theme Hospital, where anything can happen if you aren’t careful enough, but that’s something of the fun in it. Will you rehabilitate your prisoners, turning them back into productive members of society? Or will you simply use them as working meat puppets, devoted towards cramming as many of the prisoners into as small a space as you can manage? The choice is yours. Prison Architect is now available on Steam. Check out the trailer below.







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