Report: New Batman Game In The Works After Cancellation of Suicide Squad Game

A new Batman game is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros. Montreal. This is coming about because the previously unannounced Suicide Squad game was cancelled. Confused? Let me explain.

You see, according to sources who talked to Kotaku, the developer was working on an unannounced game based on Suicide Squad, which had been in development for two years (whether it was based on the comic version of the team or the version seen in this year’s movie of the same name wasn’t revealed). However, due to “a long period of turbulence at WB Montreal”, the project was scrapped in early December, and nothing else was known about the project other than it’s reported focus on co-op.

But it’s not all bad news. According to these same sources, the team is now focusing on a new Batman game, but instead of focusing on the Dark Knight again, the game would be focused on his son, Damian Wayne. The game was also supposed to be announced earlier this month (presumably around the same time as the Suicide Squad game was canned), but now it likely won’t be revealed until toward the end of the year.

That’s assuming of course, that any of this is true. As of time of this writing, Kotaku contacted Warner Bros. Montreal, but hasn’t gotten any word back. For now though, while it seems likely a new Batman game is in the works (because Batman games still make mad bank for Warner Bros.), take everything that’s been said so far with a ton of Bat-salt.


SOURCE: Kotaku