Sexy Cammy White Cosplay Means Business

Cammy White is an incredibly popular character from the Street Fighter franchise, and is easily one of the most popularly cosplayed characters around.  Not only is she scantily clad, making her the perfect eye candy, but she is also known to be honorable and can kick some serious ass.


This Cammy White cosplay by ChibiNeko Cosplay embraces everything that Cammy White embodies.  She has the sex appeal along with fierce, determined, battle-ready attitude down to a tee.  Choosing instead to opt for Cammy’s alternative black costume instead of her signature green, Chibi provides a great way to cosplay a character that is often seen, while still making her a bit more unique.

Be sure to see more of ChibiNeko’s cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page.


Photography by MH Photography








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