Sonya Blade Defends Earthrealm in Epic Cosplay

Sonya Blade first appeared in the original Mortal Kombat. Being the series first female, she became a staple, working to stop Outer World influences in Earthrealm as a member of the Outer World Investigation Agency Special Forces team. Fierce in combat, her quick reflexes and high agility make defending against her assault difficult. The only female from Earthrealm to be a member Raiden’s Chosen Warriors, she is a skilled and deadly opponent throughout many realms.


Sophie Valentine becomes the lieutenant in a fierce cosplay. Strutting the outfit from MK 2011, Sophie exhibits the headstrong, determined woman fans have come to love. Wearing a black crop top emblazoned with her I.D. badge. The black pants, knee pads and heeled combat boots complete the basic look. What takes this cosplay to the next level are the details. Dog tags hang from her neck, arm bands form a X over her biceps, some of the belts are buckled on her top and she wears black fingerless gloves. Featuring intense poses, Sophie Valentine is Sonya Blade to a tee.

sonya-blade-cosplay-3Photography by Viktur Cortes


Photography by Kimo Savi


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