Star Wars Battlefront Community To Get A ‘Special Award’

Star Wars Battlefront recently had a community event, and it was a rousing success. How do I know it was a rousing success? Because the team themselves have said so, and to commemorate the success of the event, the Star Wars Battlefront community will be getting a ‘special award’.

The event in question tasked the community with playing a total of 500,000 hours as either Han Solo or Luke Skywalker between December 23rd and January 6th. The community ended up playing 1.2 million hours during that time, and as thanks for that, the community is set to get a new game reward. DICE community manager Sledgehammer70 announced this on the game’s forums, and while he didn’t reveal what the award was, he did say that it would be part of the next January update, it was on Hoth, and had to do with “Luke and Han”. While some people are speculating that it has to do with getting an alternate costume based on what they wore on Hoth, others are also speculating that tauntauns might finally become rideable, as they can be seen in the background of some of the maps set on Hoth.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Currently, there’s no word on when the update will go live, but considering January is staring to wind down, it’ll possibly be soon.