Star Wars: First Assault Could Lead to Star Wars: Battlefront III


The storied failure to produce Star Wars: Battlefront III was a disappointment to a number of gamers who came to enjoy the classic shooter mechanics touched up with Star Wars aesthetics. Recent concept art images for the doomed title circulated the internet and, like a phone call from a mean-spirited ex, they seemed to salt old wounds for a number of gamers who had looked forward to the next installment of the Battlefront series. It looks like today though the gaming world might gain some closure in the form of Star Wars: First Assault being announced.

The XBLA shooter developed by Lucas Arts could be available sometime this spring and would pit two teams of eight, one team rebels, the other team Stormtroopers against each other. The locales would of course be familiar Star Wars destinations such a Bespin and Tattooine. If this feels similar to the Star Wars: Battlefront, don’t worry. It should. Kotaku* is reporting that Star Wars: First Assault is a possible first step towards Star Wars: Battlefront III.

Unsurprisingly, the recent purchase of LucasFilms by Disney has complicated things to the point that it’s unclear as to whether or not Star Wars: First Assault will be released. All That’s Epic will report more as it becomes available.




Written by Guest Contributor: theheroofosaka 

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