Sub-Zero Cosplay Will Freeze You Where You Stand

Photography by Cantera Cosplay

One of the original characters of the Mortal Kombat series, Subzero is the name taken by a set of brothers. First the honor goes to Bi-Han, the elder brother, who was killed by Scorpion. The younger brother, Kuai Liang, took the name Subzero in honor of his fallen sibling. Both were born in Earthrealm but descend from Cryomancers, those born with the ability to control ice as well as generate it. Kuai Liang became Subzero for the rest of the series, furthering his ice abilities in order to seek revenge on Scorpion. Finally the anger started to subside, turning him into a man of self-discipline.

sub-zero-cosplay-2Photography by Studio 95 Photographix

Jaycee Cosplay channels her inner arctic chill to become the icy assassin in this kick ass cosplay. Sporting his iconic blue and black attire, she is ready to finish her opponents. Ice blue eyes radiate stern determination and highlight Kuai Liang’s scar across his eye. The arm guards and face mask are perfectly crafted, with each detail being precise.



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