Super Mario Run’s First Event Is Now Live

With the recent reveal of the Switch, it’s easy to forgot about some of Nintendo’s other endeavors, such as Super Mario Run. But much like Pepperidge Farms, Nintendo remembers the game, as the game’s first event is now live.

When you boot up the game, you’ll be greeted with a bonus coin event called “Load of Coins”, which will grant you 1.5 times as many coins than usual when you when a Toad Rally match. To take part, simply use a Rally Ticket, and win; the bonus lasts until January 27th. This only affects if you win though, as losing will net you the same amount, and the number you gain or lose are not affected by this event. Also, as stated, this only applies to Toad Rally, not the main levels.

Super Mario Run is available now for the iOS. The Android version is set to release this year, though there’s currently no word on when that will be released.






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