Teemo Scouts out the Terrain in Adorable Cosplay

There are many champions in League of Legends. From the ranged marksmen to the brutal front line tanks, there is the perfect champion for every situation waiting to do battle on the rift. Among their ranks is Teemo, an adorable yordle scout with the strange penchant for solo recon missions. Teemo has the ability to go invisible when standing still, couple that with being able to plant poisonous mushrooms, he is one of the perfect champions for controlling a battle before it even begins.


Ellei Marie dons her battle goggles, grabs her blowgun and heads out on the rift. Wearing Teemo’s signature green hat with his ears poking out and goggles resting on top, she scours the landscape using a spyglass. A red fur necklace hangs above her cream colored tube top. Brown shorts, knee high socks and green shoes finish off the outfit. Green gloves, a matching green backpack and feather embellished blowgun complete the look. Ellei Marie makes a fantastically cute Teemo.

teemo-cosplay-3Photography by David Love









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