Teen Titans’ Ravager in an Incredibly Epic Cosplay


Those who aren’t very familiar with comic books and characters from the DC Comics Universe probably haven’t heard of Rose Wilson.  However, her family history is one that is quite infamous, with her father being the well-known anti-hero, Deathstroke.  Throughout her villainous upbringing, Rose followed in her father’s footsteps, donning the alias of Ravager and equipping a black and orange costume in similar style to her father’s.


Cosplayer Jillian has become one of our favorite cosplayers as she is known for creating incredible cosplays of various DC Comic books characters.  From Harley Quinn, to Supergirl and Cheshire, Jillian has done it all, and never fails to impress.  Her Ravager cosplay is such as incredible, as she transforms into the Teen Titans villain in stunningly accurate fashion.



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