The Division’s Second PTS Test Makes Changes To Survival, Weapons, And More

Ubisoft and Massive have released The Division’s 1.5 update to there Public Test Server. This update is set to make changes to survival, weapons, and plenty more.

The update increases the health and damage of NPCs in Survival mode, makes crafting materials harder to find in the Dark Zone, and removes weapon mods that provide increased magazine size bonuses. The second PTS test also chagnes rewards from completing weekly assignments, increases the time to reach max accuracy on the MP5, increases the damage done to NPCs in cover with LMGs, and fixes a number of bugs. During this second PTS Test, Survival has been disabled so players can focus on testing the changes of the 1.5 update. New characters on the PTS will be leveled up to 30 and equipped with basic 229 High-Ends.

“We want to have more feedback on the update, on the difficult and progression in the new World Tier, the change to Enemy Armor Damage and how this changed your approach to character building, its application to PvP as well as the implementation of Stagger as an aim flinching mechanic.” Massive explains. “Everything relating to balancing in this free update!”

The Division is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is currently unknown when update 1.5 and the Survival DLC will release.






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