The Legend of Korra "Old Wounds"

The Legend of Korra Book 3 Episode 6 Review: “Old Wounds”

As we roll into the 6th and 7th episodes of Legend of Korra this season we are finally on track with the main plot line. Zaheer and his group mean to capture Korra for an unknown purpose. Korra and her gang continue the search for airbenders to rebuild the Air Nation. And, picking up where “The Metal Clan” left off, most of “Old Wounds” deals with the strained relationship between Suyin and Lin. Even though this episode didn’t offer a ton of forward momentum, it was still a worthy sub plot for the show.

The Legend of Korra Book 3 Episode 5 Review: “The Metal Clan

Lin is still exhibiting a lot of stress while she harbors her unresolved feelings towards Suyin. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out that as children Lin was something of a hard boiled cop, looking to impress her mother while uploading an intense moral standing. Suyin, on the other hand, was something of a trouble maker, apparently stealing from people with her two friends. One day, Lin is faced with Suyin during a robbery gone wrong. Lin decides she needs to put her sister into place by putting her under arrest but this ignites Toph to cover up the scandal and send Suyin off.

To say these two have a strained relationship is kind of underselling it. Even though Suyin has indeed changed, it appears as though Lin isn’t quite ready to forgive her sister so easily. Lin goes to an acupuncturist in the city and is forced to confront these resentments head on. I’m not sure if focusing the majority of the episode around this was the wisest decision, but I found it engaging none the less as sibling relationships have been a common trait in this show since Avatar.

Bolin had some particularly funny and clever insights into the way siblings behave, as he knows exactly what it’s like to grow up with a brother whose personality is different. While Lin is faced with these challenges, Korra faces a new challenge of her own in the form of metal bending. Suyin offers to help teach Korra the basics which brought back a lot of familiar memories from Avatar in which Aang is taught a new skill from his teachers. Given that Korra starts the show off with fairly advanced physical powers, I often forget that she still needs to train anything but her spiritual side. This is, after all, the side of her that needs the most work. Bolin also attempts to learn metal bending but sort of on the down low as he seems to often feel inferior when compared to Korra or even his brother, Mako.

The relationship between Bolin and Opal gets pushed further this episode as he opens up to her about his struggles with learning to metal bend. I’m finding Opal to be an interesting addition to the show and the construction around her own relationship with Suyin seems to mirror the conundrum faced by Toph and her two daughters, Suyin and Lin. Is too much freedom a bad or a good thing? What about too much overprotecting? These are the things that all three women had to deal with in their lives and with their mothers, so I find it sort of fascinating. Going back to Avatar, you even have Toph being over protected by her own parents so it seems to be a generational thing.

In the end, Suyin and Lin did what many siblings do. They sat down and had a long friendly chat…not. They ended up in an awesome bending battle outside Suyin’s house and, like all good siblings, wound up forgiving one another, at least partially. Although it doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, Zaheer and his gang make a brief appearance escaping from Republic City. It seems as though Zaheer possesses some sort of spiritual connection, probably similar to Jinora. He is able to figure out where Korra is whilst in some kind of meditation. I’m guessing his team will make its move within the next couple of episodes, or at least get a plan revealed or something. Even though I like these side stepping episodes for building up side characters, I am eager to see what Zaheer has planned for Korra!


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