The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap "Live Bait"

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: “Live Bait”

Warning: Full spoilers ahead! 

Guess who’s back! After five episodes of playing the guessing game, we finally get to see the sadistic Governor once again. What happened after the season three finale when he disappeared? What happened to the guys that went with him? These were some of the questions everyone had once the season ended. Instead of rushing right back into hunting down the Governor, the show took a different direction to slowly tease one of the biggest villains on television.

This week’s episode starts out with a small recap back to when the Governor slaughtered all the people of Woodbury and left with some of his crew still intact. Night falls quickly as the Governor stares over a roaring fire at a walker coming right towards him. The walker catches on fire but, of course, it doesn’t care because it smells some fresh human. The walker is taken out by Martinez and then it quickly shows morning time, with the Governor being left behind by what was left of his crew. He takes the big truck left and heads back to Woodbury and gazes upon what’s left of the town. A conversation plays while it shows the Governor wandering for quite some time. He eventually starts hallucinating and follows what he sees into a deserted building. He finds a couple of sisters, Lily and Tara, and a child named Megan and to show that he’s no threat, throws down his weapons in front of them.

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The Governor talks with the inhabitants of the building, at first being unresponsive when they question him. One girl is revealed to be a former police officer and threatens to kill him if he becomes a threat. The Governor complies and walks off. When they ask him for his name, he responds with Brian Harriett. Later on, when he gets settled into a different room, Lily brings him some food to eat. The Governor takes the food and quietly thanks her after she walks off. He tosses the food out the window and begins eating something else he found. He returns the plate and is invited in after some more hostility. The friendly citizens start sharing the back story of how they got where they are when the old man wants to be put to bed. The Governor carries him into the bedroom and helps get him into bed as he talks about the walkers in the upper levels of the building. He continues to talk about fatherhood, which obviously pulls at his heartstrings, but then is asked a favor of collecting a backgammon set from one of the other apartments. The Governor goes to get it when he finds the former resident in the bathtub, not fully dead from what looks like a gunshot to the head.

He returns with the new backgammon set and is quick to rush off. He grabs his knapsack and gazes at the picture of him with his wife and daughter and wakes up the next day with provisions being given to him for the road. He also gets his gun back but declines it after finding the gun the upstairs tenant used to kill himself. The Governor tries to give them some friendly advice about shooting the walkers in the head and Lily asks him for one more favor of retrieving an oxygen tank for her cancer ridden father. He takes on the task and heads to a nursing home to find one. Rummaging through the home, he finds what could be expected: walkers here, there and everywhere. He manages to find a crate full of oxygen tanks and pushes the cart through a crowd of walkers. This plan fails hard but The Governor manages to grab one of the tanks and high tails it out of there.

He returns once again and rushes off quickly after giving them the oxygen tanks. Lily rushes over tend to his wounds and to thank him. She talks about how her daughter, Megan, thought the Governor was her dead father when she saw him out the window. The daughter walks in and stays with him as Lily goes to find some more supplies. She asks him what happened to his eye and, as soon as he brushes it off, he agrees to tell her what happened if she promises to not say anything. He tells her he’s a pirate first, but she doesn’t buy it. The Governor then gives the little girl the vaguest version of what happened at Woodbury and how he lost his eye.

A now clean shaven Governor starts to teach Megan how to play chess. She takes the king and draws an eyepatch on him to match the Governor’s and, as he teaches her, her mom comes in and it’s revealed that her dad has passed away. He starts to come back as a walker and the Governor takes him out, much to the horror of the man’s daughters and granddaughter. He takes the body outside to be buried and as they head back inside, Megan hides. Tara tells him that her dad would have been grateful for stopping it before it escalated and that they are cool but Megan is still upset about what happened.

Later that night, The Governor burns the picture of his family and tosses it out the window. He packs his stuff up and goes to say goodbye and Lily wants all of them to band together to find a better place to survive. They take the truck outside the building and Tara admits to just being in the academy and not being an active duty cop. From the way they talk, it sounds like they are heading towards the prison where Rick and the others are holed up. They stop at a pond and set up a mini camp but Megan is still afraid of the Governor. Later on in the evening, Lily starts putting the moves on the Governor, which he reciprocates.

The next morning, the truck won’t start and the group starts walking and Tara hurts her leg as she trips. The Governor hears walkers and Megan refuses to move for awhile. She finally runs to the Governor and he scoops her up and they take off into the woods. A decently sized herd follows them and as the Governor runs, he and Megan fall into a hole full of walkers. The Governor saves her as he tears the walkers apart and they share a sweet moment when he promises to do anything to protect her. The moment is interrupted by Martinez, who aims his gun at the Governor and makes a return to the series, along with his former boss.

While it’s nice to have a few different things going on in a show, it’s pretty cool to also have these whole episodes that focus solely on the progress of one character. The Governor was an amazing character to introduce and keep rolling with and it’ll be cool to see how his story pans out, especially with others attached to him. We’ll have to keep watching as the weeks and awesome episodes roll on. Check back here for more weekly recaps of “The Walking Dead”!



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