The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 "Home" Review

The Walking Dead, Season 3: Episode 10 “Home” TV Recap

Did Rick finally go crazy?! Is that the ghost of Lori?! Will Daryl return to the group?! These were the main questions that viewers had after the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead”. Before this week’s show, I had hoped that these questions would be answered, and they all are in this episode!

Episode 10 starts with birds chirping and Rick outside the prison with binoculars, gazing out at the prison fence. He notices the ghost of Lori once again and goes to investigate his hallucination. Once he gets to her, she disappears and then reappears outside the fence. He begins chasing her and Michonne takes notice. He approaches Lori and strokes his face lovingly while Michonne sees Rick staring at nothing.

The Governor approaches Andrea and tells her that as long as the people at the prison leave Woodbury alone, he won’t retaliate. He goes on to say that he’s not fit to lead the people of Woodbury and makes it seem like he’s abdicating his authority over to Andrea but that she’d really just be a filler while he gets his head straight.

Daryl and Merle are out in the woods hunting and Merle gives his little bro a hard time about his new ways. Merle accuses Daryl of trying to lead them back towards the prison. He tells them it’s their best bet, that they have shelter and what they need to survive but Merle isn’t receptive.

Glenn is drawing out the prison, trying to map out how Tyreese and the group came into the prison. Beth wants to think the Governor won’t retaliate, but Michonne divulges the sickness that is the Governor. Glenn thinks that he and Michonne can end the Governor’s reign by sneaking in and assassinating him. Hershel is skeptical about Glenn leaving and, for the time being, Glenn says he’ll leave Woodbury alone and focus on securing the prison firsthand.

The Governor sneaks up on Milton and asks him whether or not he’ll stay. Milton tells him that he never considered leaving. The Governor goes into a spiel once again about loyalty and whether or not he can trust Andrea. He asks Milton to keep tabs on Andrea.

Andrea addresses a guard at the wall and inquires about Martinez but she reveals nothing. She also catches up with Milton who says the Governor is on a supply run but it’s obvious he’s lying and Andrea certainly knows it.

Most of the group is set on running from the prison while Glenn is focused on keeping the prison safe and secure. Axel volunteers to go but Glenn says he’ll take Maggie. He visits her in her cell and wants to talk about what happened in Woodbury with the Governor. She goes into graphic detail about what he did to her but that he never raped her. She goes on and talks about how she did what she did because she wanted to spare him. Maggie snaps at Glenn and tells him to go away.

Axel and Carol are working on fortification of the prison and Axel goes on to give his back story: he robbed a gas station with a toy gun and almost got away with it. He was staying at his brother’s house and the police came and tossed the place, finding a .38. He goes onto admit that he doesn’t even know how to use the gun he’s carrying around and Carol gives him a little insight.

Merle and Daryl are still wandering through the woods and happen on some Spanish-speaking survivors with a baby fighting off walkers. Daryl rushes off to save them while Merle really doesn’t care at all. They take care of all the walkers and Merle takes them at gunpoint and Daryl tells him to let them go. Merle scavenges through their car and Daryl, in return, takes Merle at crossbow-point to let the people go. They get into another spat about how Daryl is soft in his ways. Merle reveals that it was their original intention to rob the camp back in Atlanta. Daryl finally has had enough and leaves Merle to go back to the camp. You can see how he’s changed after he corrects Merle on calling Glenn Chinese (he’s Korean if you couldn’t remember).

Hershel catches up with Glenn makes sure he’s not going back to Woodbury. Glenn replies that he’s just going outside the prison. He doesn’t want Glenn going alone with so much rage pent up but he goes anyways.

Rick continues to chase his ghost and comes across Hershel at the fence. Hershel asks him if he’s coming back soon because Glenn is dangerously reckless when he’s this angry. Rick tells him that he’s got “stuff” out in the woods and Hershel asks if he needs any help. Rick tells him how he keeps seeing Lori and how he knows it’s not really her. For talking to a crazy person, Hershel is really calm and understanding with how Rick is hallucinating. He suggest Rick comes back inside the prison so that he can rest and get his head on straight but Rick simply replies “I can’t” and walks away.

Carol and Axel are having a pleasant conversation when Axel violently dies with a shot to the head. This is when Rick and the ones outside the prison see that the Governor has found the prison. They open fire on Rick and the prison. Maggie comes out and joins Rick, Michonne, Beth and Carl trying to kill the Governor and his men. A van barges through the prison gates and stands idle for awhile, not revealing who is inside. The back opens and walkers come barreling out while a mysterious person exits the van. Rick gets cornered by walkers and Merle saves his life, along wth the help of Daryl. Glenn and Michonne save Hershel who was stranded out in the crossfire. The look on Rick’s face is one of pure terror as he gazes out at the walkers who were released into the prison.

“The Walking Dead” Season 3 is chugging along at such an awesome pace. The two episodes so far have provided tons and tons of both story and action respectively. Glenn is starting to show a darker side, Merle has entered the vicinity of the prison, and the group had a huge threat to deal with. My opinion of the episodes so far is that each one is slightly better than the previous. Will this continue to be the path that is “The Walking Dead”? Speaking for uber-fans out there, I sure as hell hope so!


Written by Guest Contributor: missvalentine