This April O’Neil Cosplay is a Retro Stunner

What’s better than four ass-kicking, pizza-loving, teenaged talking turtles? In the late 80s, early 90s, nothing was better this amazing team of mutant animals made their way in to the hearts of kids and adults alike with their crazy antics and wild adventures. The four Renaissance artist-named brothers lead a zany life under the sewers of New York City, being trained in martial arts by their mutant-rat sensei. Of all of the turtle’s allies and enemies, no one captured our hearts quite like the strong-willed news reporter, April O’Neil.


A spunky, tough young woman works as a reporter for Chanel 6 News and is eager to report thrilling stories to the public. Functioning as the turtle’s link to the outside world, and a female voice to guide the show, April was a fast fan favorite from the series. April is a beautiful red-head who’s classic design sports a bright yellow jumpsuit and a sweet smile.


Portrayed here by the flawless Ani Mia (a well-known cosplayer in the community who always brings well-crafted costumes to the table) April has never looked better. Dressed in the classic banana-colored jumpsuit with tall white boots, Ani Mia perfectly replicates the iconic look. Adding her own smirk and cute style to the costume, she reminds us of both the energy inside April, as well as her gentle heart. Looking as beautiful as ever, the small and accurate details of this cosplay continue to remind us of Ani Mia’s skill, and also take us on a trip down memory lane to revisit those crazy teenage turtles.

 Photography by Ron Gejon




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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee



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