This Gorgeous Elsa Cosplay is Fit for a Queen

Disney’s most recently released princess tale, Frozen, was so well-received and adored that some would even call it the most successful Disney movie of all time. The story featured two opposite sisters who after a tragic accident as children, were forced to grow up separately. The sisters fight their way back to each other and re-discover their love for each other despite tremendous odds. This sentiment was adored by viewers, especially paired with hilarious sidekicks, magical powers, and beautiful gowns. Everything added together made for a hugely popular movie that has had fans clamoring mostly to the magically gifted and beautiful Queen Elsa. Controlling a strange ice-power that lets her manipulate and create frozen effects, Elsa is not only stunning but also dangerously powerful, making her a very complex character and one whom girls all around the world began to admire.


When Elsa finally lets go of her secrets and embraces her frost powers she is empowered and builds herself a phenomenal ice palace, and fitting for a true queen, fashions herself a stunning ice-blue dress that went on to become the most iconic Disney princess dress of all time. With shimmer and glow befitting a woman of royalty, the slinky blue dress was a show-stopping garment that nearly stole the movie!


Due to the popularity of this gorgeous dress design and the strong femininity of Elsa, she quickly became arguably the most cosplayed character of the year. In a sea of Elsa costumes, this gorgeous take portrayed by Elle Cosplay really takes the (ice cream) cake. With a perfectly styled wig matching Elsa’s signature white up-do, Elle is almost a dead ringer for the ice queen. This portrayal highlights Elsa’s elegance and royal confidence with ease and still has just enough whimsy and lightness to make it seem like it could have jumped right out of the movie. Out of all of the beautiful and endless interpretations of this hugely popular character, Elle’s is certainly one you won’t soon forget.

Photography by JLMFotografo




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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee