This Mechanic Moxxi Will Get Your Engine Going

mechanic-moxxi-cosplay-1Photography by Cnidarium Photography

A girl with a little bit of dirt on her seems to be quite the attraction for some people, showing that said woman is not afraid to get down and dirty to achieve what she wants. That, and a little dirt never hurt anyone. In fact, it seems to add to Mad Moxxi’s beauty — yes we’re referring to the red wearing woman of Borderlands. Known to be a bit sadistic, lustful, alluring and dangerous — this cosplay of the “mechanic” meets all of these traits.

Many have accomplished dressing as Mad Moxxi in her usual attire, top hat and the like, but Enasni Volz puts a twist onto the character that we’re not so used to seeing. Not only has Moxxi rid herself of her top hat, but she’s got a tool belt that emphasizes all the right curves. Job well done, and you can pick up your jaws now.

mechanic-moxxi-cosplay-2Photography by Last Ryghtz



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