This Officer Vi Cosplay Rocks the Uniform Well

On the battlegrounds of the Fields of Justice, Champions of varying gender, race, ability, and even species fight alongside their teammates to capture the opposing team’s nexus and destroy all who stand in their way. However, among all these unique and memorable designs, the over-sized gauntlet wearing, pink-haired, ass-kicking badass Vi really stands out in the crowd. From the moment her new Champion splash art was released and players were able to see in-game tests of her movements and attacks, they have been enamored with this girly but mechanical fighter. With such a unique look, Vi manages to remain beautiful and sexy while still being a tough competitor and strong character to play.


With each Champion in League of Legends, the massively popular arena MOBA, there are several additional ‘skins’ released that give the character a new outfit usually equipped with new animations as well. Since her release, three additional skins have been released for Vi. The most adored of them all however, is most certainly ‘Officer Vi’. Slipping into a tight-fitted blue policeman’s uniform and placing a uniform cap over her signature punk-rock pink haircut, Vi looks amazingly cool. This skin used humor (Vi munching on a donut and her police sirens flashing on her gauntlets) and sex-appeal to gain popularity and has become popularly cosplayed as well despite the challenges associated with making Vi’s signature hextech gauntlets.


A fantastic Officer Vi cosplay is featured here, portrayed by cosplayer Hoteshi, this is a perfect example of the beautiful work cosplayers are doing in order to portray this fantastic character. Using innovation to create the over-sized gauntlets, Hoteshi pays close attention to detail and manages to make the gloves look impeccably crafted. This cosplay pays a beautiful homage to this exceptional character by managing to create a flawless cosplay including gauntlets that look so real, you’d better watch out!








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