This Star Wars Demo Looks Out of This World In Unreal Engine 4

A very talented artist from Obsidian Entertainment have created a gorgeous Star Wars demo in Unreal Engine 4. The engine is very capable of producing amazing works of art, but this one brings the Star Wars world to life.

Jason Lewis, Senior environment artist at Obsidian, started the project as a personal research mission to better understand the development engine. After seeing what Jason was doing more developers joined in, and the project eventually evolved into a full-fledged playable demo. Players can download the demo for free. Developers recommend that anybody looking to experience the stunning recreation of some of the franchises’ most iconic scenes, have “16GB of system RAM and at least an Nvidia GTX760 or AMD equivalent” to run it. They also claim there is a weapon hidden somewhere within for players to find.

“My goal was to build the most highly detailed real-time [Millennium] Falcon that anyone has ever seen, and I think I have pulled it off,” Lewis divulged to 80 Level, which discovered the project. “Except for maybe the Falcon model from the recent ILM X-Labs VR demo that was at GDC a few months ago.” The Star Wars demo is available now for PC.






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