A Tomb Raider Cosplay as Epic as the Games Themselves!

Say the name Lara Croft and you will think one of two things, or even both: Angelina Jolie or one of the greatest video game anthologies ever made. Famously portrayed in the films by Angie, the Amazonian heroine had her first introduction to archaeology when she first assisted Werner Von Croy on an expedition to Cambodia to find the Iris. Her journey as a tomb raider in the years 1991 to 1996 saw her make many amazing historical and archaeological discoveries. She’s seen it all; an Atlantean Scion, Tibetan monasteries, and even Mr. Big Foot himself. She even experienced a plane crash in her early years. Made famous for her discoveries of ancient sites, Lara published multiple travel books and journals and it wasn’t long until her writings made a name for herself.


Producing epic cosplay shots requires work from both sides – the photographer and the cosplayer. We’ve seen a multitude of Lara Croft cosplays. Some going back to the beginning of her Tomb Raider adventures in the 90’s in the first Tomb Raider game to the 2013 epic. Photographer errRust and the incredibly beautiful model Renata Davydova make an excellent team, producing amazing action shots of Lara, guns in hand and ready to take on whatever comes her way. This is a cosplay as epic as the games themselves!





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