The Vampire Diaries

What’s Happened So Far on Season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries”

With Elena’s humanity being challenged every day as a vampire, Stefan and the other supernatural characters in Mystic Falls want to find a way to make Elena human again. This quickly becomes one of the main arcs of the season. In the second episode, a new character is introduced named Connor. Connor begins questioning the townsfolk about the recent mass murder of the town pastor and eleven other individuals. At the end of the first episode this season, Pastor Young and eleven others die in an explosion inside a farmhouse. It appeared that Pastor Young purposely set the house on fire, and the way they all died seemed ritualistic in nature. We are left with no motive for these deaths, but Connor assumes vampires are behind it. He begins attacking vampires in Mystic Falls, and Stefan assumes Connor must be hunting vampires. Klaus encounters Connor and sees a marking on his stake, recognizing that Connor must be one of the five legendary vampire hunters, known as the Five. Klaus explains that he and his siblings encountered the Five in the 12th Century when Rebecca fell in love with one of them and he let her in on their secrets. The Originals learned that an invisible map slowly grows on the skin of a vampire hunter with every vampire a hunter kills. This map eventually leads to a place where the cure for vampirism lies. Elena’s brother, Jeremy, is the only one who can see this map on Connor’s skin, and Connor explains to Jeremy that he can see the map because he is destined to become one of the Five. Unfortunately Connor is killed by Elena when he attacks her friends, and Jeremy takes his place as one of the five vampire hunters.

Connor The Vampire Diaries Season 4
Connor the vampire hunter
Credit: The CW

In addition to Connor, there is another new character in Mystic Falls, ­­­Professor Shane. Shane took over Bonnie’s grandmother’s classes on witchcraft and folklore at a local college. After Bonnie visits Shane at his office, she finds that he knows an interesting amount of information about vampires, witches, and werewolves for someone that isn’t supernatural. Shane instantly takes interest in Bonnie, and inquires whether or not she practices magic anymore. She explains to him she stopped practicing because she lost control of her powers and angered the spirit world. Shane explains he knows of a type of magic called Expression that he can teach her and help her control. Expression doesn’t dabble in the spirit world, and thus Bonnie becomes interested in learning about it.

We quickly learn that Connor and Shane knew one another and that Connor was part of some mysterious plan Shane is conducting. Shane is manipulating Bonnie into his scheme as well. We learn he knew Pastor Young and may have had something to do with explosion at the farmhouse. Eventually Shane tells a story about an ancient witch named Silas, an immortal that was buried alive with the vampire cure centuries ago. The map that appears on a vampire hunters’ skin actually leads to Silas’ tomb, and the new magic Bonnie is learning will help free Silas from his imprisonment. Shane is obsessed with finding Silas, and after the rest of the Mystic Falls characters learn about Silas and the cure, they all want to find the cure for their own purposes. Stefan wants the cure for Elena and himself. Klaus wants to find the cure for Elena because he wants to start creating more vampire-werewolf hybrids (which he can only do with Elena’s human blood). Damon doesn’t necessarily want Elena to become human again, but he wants her to be happy so if she wants to become human again he supports her. Rebecca wants the cure because she has been alive for centuries and is tired of being a vampire; she wants to have a family, have kids, and grow old.