The Vampire Diaries

What’s Happened So Far on Season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries”

Meanwhile, Damon is kidnapped by another vampire hunter named Galan. Galan had been following the group, and he plans to use Damon as leverage to get Bonnie to open Silas’ tomb. As part of his vampire hunter destiny, he wants to use the cure to kill Silas. He lets Damon know there is only one dose of the cure, and he intends to use it to kill Silas. Galan and Damon arrive at the tomb and Galan sees the tomb doors have already opened. Since the doors are open, Galan no longer needs Damon and he attempts to kill Damon, but Rebecca shows up and saves Damon. Galan enters the tomb and stabs Bonnie. He convinces Jeremy they need to get the cure to kill Silas, which is set in stone inside Silas tombstone. Elena suddenly enters the tomb, knocks out Galan, cuts Jeremy and uses his blood to awaken Silas. Once Silas begins to wake up, she takes the cure and flees. Silus drinks blood from Jeremy, and Jeremy collapses on the ground.

As Stefan enters the tomb, he finds Elena knocked out on the ground. It turns out Katherine, Elena’s doppelganger, was following them then entire time, and she was the one who took the cure from the tomb. Elena rushes to Silas’ tomb and finds Jeremy dead on the ground. Silas drank Jeremy’s blood and killed him. Bonnie wakes up in the forest to find that Shane saved her, and he claims Silas healed his broken leg. Bonnie refuses to help him anymore, but Shane tells her that Silas lost his magic when he became immortal and that Silas needs Bonnie to complete the third sacrifice to bring back the dead. She still refuses, but he convinces her that supernatural beings are held in some sort of purgatory, and if she completes the spell Jeremy and her grandmother will come back from the dead. Bonnie arrives back to Mystic Falls clearly brainwashed by Shane and tells the group she has to complete the spell. Rebecca is still on the island, and she finds Shane nearly dead in some brush still with a broken leg. All he says to her is “Silas.”

Professor Shane and Bonnie discuss Jeremy's death
Professor Shane and Bonnie
Credit: The CW

When she arrives back in Mystic Falls, Elena is in complete denial over Jeremy’s death. His body is brought back to their home and begins decomposing in his bedroom. Eventually Elena comes to her senses and realizes Jeremy is truly dead. She becomes completely distraught and starts to spray lighter fluid all over her house. Damon uses his sire bond to stop Elena’s pain and turn off her humanity. She then burns her house down with Jeremy’s body inside. With all of her family dead, Elena feels it’s time to move on from her human life and move forward as a vampire.

And this is where “The Vampire Diaries” left off! The season took awhile to get its footing and it was really difficult to tell where the story was going. But the last few episodes finally brought the story all together and it looks like the season will end on a high note! Katherine is back, and it will be really exciting to see vampire Elena and Katherine go head to head as they fight for the cure. It’s unclear where the Silas storyline will go, but hopefully Bonnie will come to her senses and stop being manipulated. Hopefully, Klaus and Rebecca get a nice send-off as they leave “The Vampire Diaries” to star on the “Originals” spin-off show; they will be missed.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to recapping the show for you every week! If you haven’t watched all of the episodes, take some time and catch up on Netflix. You will not regret it!