Watch Out Reapers! Commander Shepard Comes to Life with This Amazing Cosplay

mass-effect-cosplay-1Photography by Ben Hardly

It’s been seven years since the Mass Effect craze began, and while that might seem like enough time to find something new to get crazy over fans of the Mass Effect series are doing just the opposite. As Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 rolled out, the fan base behind the series seemed to only grow. Now with Mass Effect 4 announced, gamers are highly anticipating any and all details that BioWare might hand out.

mass-effect-cosplay-2Photography by Shudan Pictures

Throughout the first three installments into the Mass Effect franchise, gamers became acquainted with Commander Shepard – a soldier whose backstory and actions were tailored by the player. Whether one decided to go the route of Paragon or Renegade, Commander Shepard was badass and fought against the reapers to save mankind.

mass-effect-cosplay-3Photography by Kaicom

With the admirable traits Shepard possesses – and the ability to be dubbed a hero, it’s no wonder people would want to embody such a character. Cosplaying makes that easy as pie, and while there’s more than a handful of Commander Shepard cosplays in the cosplay community CynShenzi’s has that extra oomph. Her Jane Shepard cosplay truly makes it appear as if Shepard is a living, breathing human being and not a videogame character fans have grown to love. For that, CynShenzi gets a round of applause and heart eyes of admiration.

mass-effect-cosplay-4Photography by Ben Hardly


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