Xbox Head Explains While There’s No Dedicated Xbox Handheld

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft has never gotten into the dedicated gaming handheld market like Sony with it’s PS Vita or Nintendo with it’s 3DS? Probably not, but thanks to Xbox head Phil Spencer, we now know why that’s the case, and it has to do with smartphones.

“Our view was that phones would take almost all of the mobile gaming market mostly,” Spencer said when a fan asked why Microsoft didn’t jump into the handheld market like Sony and Nintendo did. And to be honest, that’s actually a sound argument. Unlike Nintendo and Sony, where the former is strictly a video game maker and the latter specializes in mostly electronics, Microsoft has it’s hands in computer software, as well as it’s own line of smartphones, tablets and computers. By creating a dedicated gaming handheld, the company runs the risk of competing against itself in those markets. Not only that, but Microsoft’s big push lately has been taking the Xbox and Windows 10 platforms closer together, so adding a third system would surely put a unnecessary wrinkle in those plans.

Obviously we’re not going to see an Xbox handheld anytime soon, and based on how the market is right now with Microsoft’s current plans for the Xbox One and PC, I don’t think many people are going to be too heartbroken about it. But it’s still interesting to think how things would be if Microsoft decided to jump into the gaming handheld market like Nintendo and Sony.





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