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Halo 5: Guardians will be having microtransactions introduced to the title, and 343 Industries touched based on how much it will actually cost in order to get premium cards. The way microtransactions will work are through REQ Packs -- which for those who are unfamiliar have REQ Cards in that grant either single-use or permanent items. All players will start with 54 REQ Cards and 7500 REQ Points. Said points can be used to purchase REQ Packs, that will be similar to boost packs essentially.
2015 is a huge year for Back to the Future and people are going crazy with the year syncing up with the movie franchise. Even gaming titles are banking on the excitement and Rocket League isn't letting the opportunity get away from them. Fans of the title -- and the Back to the Future movies, will be happy to know that they'll soon be able to turbo into a soccer ball as a DeLorean towards the tail end of this month. Gamers won't have to wait that long, however, as the new car is said to launch on October 21st.
If you're a fan of trees then you'll love the new map that Treyarch just revealed for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This is the sixth multiplayer map confirmed for the title and was shown off in one of the weekly livestreams. The map has been dubbed Redwood and, as you might have guessed, is set in Northern California amidst a forest of sequoia trees. Players won't just be hiking and hiding around trees as there is also military complexes throughout the map.
Activision has confirmed that fourteen classic tracks are coming to Guitar Hero Live. The news came from the title's official Twitter and listed the songs coming to the game as a part of #TracklistFriday. The list of the tracks coming are listed below:
As it turns out, Laura has been added to Street Fighter V's roster. That might not come as a shock to some as she's been the worst kept secret over the past couple of days. If it wasn't bad enough that screenshots were released of Laura back on the 1st by Famitsu, Sony accidentally leaked her trailer a day before it was suppose to happen. The second event almost seems like too much of a coincidence to be a mistake but hey, we'll take it considering it gave gamers a look at Laura before they were really suppose to get one. Not everyone is too happy about it though, seeing as the Street Fighter V roster has been kept under wraps up until this point, causing Yoshinori Ono -- producer of the title, to be a little sad over it.
The Star Wars Battlefront hype is real, especially since the beta just launched. With everyone getting excited about what's to come it seems only fitting to tease gamers a little further. Details on two new playable heroes have been revealed as well as a new playable Villain and game mode. Thanks for a Reddit user who doubled up as a detective, there were sound clips in the Star Wars Battlefront beta that featured Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emporer Palpatine. Said files are in the same location and same structure as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett, who have all already been confirmed for the title. That means that, fingers crossed, gamers will be able to play as the unannounced characters as well.
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